WBUD Bucks

WBUD Bucks Rewards Program

Welcome to our brand new, shiny and exciting WBUD Bucks Rewards program! We’ve worked really hard putting this together and we hope you like it as much as we do.

We wanted to create a fun and worthwhile Rewards Program for all of our loyal customers and for the steady stream of new ones coming in as well. We think we’ve succeeded. We’d love to hear what you think as well.

One Important Note: You need to be logged in to see and take advantage of all that WBUD Bucks has to offer. You can login or create an account on your My Account page.

WBUD Bucks will not be awarded for an order until it has been paid for and shipped.

The ONLY products that are available for purchase with WBUD Bucks are on the WBUD Bucks Products page. You can not redeem them for any other products on our site. Please don’t ask for exceptions to this rule.

How to Earn Points

This is an area that we’re constantly working on and we’ll be adding new ways to earn points every week for a while.

Here are the ways you can earn so far:

  1. Sign up: If you’re not currently a member simply sign up for an account. Make sure to check the checkbox to ensure that you opt-in to the WBUD Bucks program. We’ll send you some points to get you started.
  2. Buy stuff: WBUD Bucks are available on ALL of the products that we sell (including those already on sale). You can see exactly how many points you’ll earn on each product page. Points are awarded when your order is marked as Shipped.
  3. Login Daily: Every day you login we’ll send you 15 points absolutely free. That’s 105 points weekly. It doesn’t get any easier than that.
  4. Write a Product Review: We love seeing your reviews, and it helps our other customers as well. Earn WBUD Bucks for every product review you write. Just make sure it’s a product that you’ve actually purchased from us and put a bit of effort into it – make it original and descriptive and more than 1 short sentence.
  5. Coming soon…

How to Redeem Points

It wouldn’t be much fun if you couldn’t redeem your points for some really cool stuff. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Follow these steps to redeem your WBUD Bucks:

  1. Go to WBUD Bucks Products and choose whatever you’d like based on what you have enough points for (you can see how many you currently have by going to My Account)
  2. Checkout (make sure you ONLY have WBUD Bucks products in your cart). Just ignore the $17 it shows for shipping. It will take 17 points for shipping.

We will either:

  1. Ship you your WBUD Products with your next regular order, or you can
  2. Place another order with regular products and let us know in the comments that you’d like to combine this order with your WBUD Bucks order.

We will not ship WBUD Bucks products on their own. They must accompany a paid order.