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Some Interesting Info on Marijuana

The Internet The very first product sold using the early Internet was a bag of weed between Stanford and MIT […]

What Marijuana Strains should I buy on WBUD?

We continuously get questions from our clients about what is the best strain for this and that. Some people have […]

Marijuana and Memory

One popular belief is that Cannabis kills brain cells and dumbs people down. While many people probably had a stoner […]

How will Legalization of Marijuana in Canada Affect You?

Everyone knows that legalization of Marijuana in Canada for recreational use is coming in 2018. But what will the general […]

What can I do if I get too high on Marijuana?

Now that we have introduced our WBUD Top Shelf Strains, we thought it may be a good idea to address […]

What’s the Difference Between Indica, Sativa and Hybrids?

Simply put, Indica affects your body and Sativa affects your head. So don’t plan on an active day if you […]