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What are the Best WBUD Marijuana Strains for a Party? – Part 1

A simple question begets another question. What kind of party do you want? Many years ago pot was not easily […]

What is the Best Marijuana Strain for Anxiety? – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 Here are 5 more of the best WBUD marijuana strains for anxiety and depression: Gorilla Glue […]

Want to Sleep Better with Marijuana?

Not getting regular good sleep is one of the worst experiences for an otherwise healthy person. Yet so many people […]

Marijuana and Memory

One popular belief is that Cannabis kills brain cells and dumbs people down. While many people probably had a stoner […]

What are Top Shelf Marijana Strains?

There are different levels of quality for Marijuana. Top Shelf, Connoisseur & Super Killz are terms frequently used for the best […]

What is the Best Marijuana Strain for Medication?

The answer is very subjective. It depends on the person, their physical and/or mental condition, metabolism and experience with cannabis. […]

The BC Bud Brand

There are many names for Marijuana: Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Dope, Maryjane, Ganja, the Beast, Beaster, etc. But only one true […]

What’s the Difference Between Indica, Sativa and Hybrids?

Simply put, Indica affects your body and Sativa affects your head. So don’t plan on an active day if you […]