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by XO Extracts
Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Don’t be fooled by its name. Green Crack Shatter isn’t crack; it’s a nug run derived from cannabis.

Get a soaring mind buzz that energizes and stimulates you intensely. Enjoy a flavour and aroma that’s a mix of citrusy, earthy and sweet. Green Crack Shatter is great for daytime use because it helps you get things done.

Its potency lies on the way it’s made. A shatter is a cannabis concentrate made by extracting high levels of THC and low levels of CBD. This process eliminates the plant matter, so you’re left with only the purified — and very potent — resin.

Not only will Green Crack Shatter give you a cerebral high; it will also help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar episodes, decreased appetite and post-traumatic stress disorder. Green Crack Shatter helps alleviate chronic pain and migraines, too.

Shop at WBUD for high-quality varieties of this strain. Our Green Crack Shatter is made from premium Green Crack and produced with lab-grade equipment. Our producers purged the product at the optimal temperature for more than a hundred hours to ensure purity.

Choose our pharmaceutical-grade shatter made by master weed craftsmen. Email us at today for premium Green Crack Shatter.

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