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WBUD THC Distillate Strawberry Banana– 1g

Pure, wholesome and versatile distillate in a high quality 1g glass syringe

Up to 90% THC

Indica 70%/Sativa 30%

The Strawberry Banana strain is a powerhouse in its own right but in a distillate with higher THC content… it is simply amazing. If you want sweet strawberry with tropical and banana on top, this is it. The buzz starts with a euphoric head rush that floats into happy and relaxed. Much later on sleepy puts in an appearance. Before that, pain is banished, mood disorders are eased – you’re calm and ready to clean out the fridge or food pantry.

WBUD’s THC Distillates are pure cannabis oil distillate with high quality terpenes added back after the purification process, delivering an unmatched marijuana experience, far beyond any other concentrate.

If you’re not into sweet tropical flavours, WBUD also offers an odourless/flavourless Natural THC Distillate.


  • Flavour is strawberry, sweet and banana
  • Aroma is tropical, sweet, strawberry, earthy
  • Free from pesticides, plant matter and other impurities
  • Highly potent, takes effect instantly
  • Smoke is clean and smooth
  • Great for medical users


Oral – Place 1-2 drops under your tongue or add it to your favourite food or brownie batter. If you want a flavourless and odourless distillate for your edibles, try the Natural Distillate.

Vape – Load your vaporizer with 1 to 2 drops of distillate. Make sure your device has digital temperature controllers. Make sure your device heats up between 315°F (157°C) and 392°F (200°C) for maximum THC effect. Note that THC tends to be more potent when vaporized so take caution. Use a ceramic coil, metal ones tend to alter the flavour of distillates.

Dab – Dabbing gives you the most bang for your buck. Drop a dose onto a heated water pipe attachment and inhale. This method works best if the nail is made of quartz, titanium or ceramic materials.

With a joint – add a few drops to your rolled joint or blunt and smoke as usual. This method is not for the novice user.

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