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48.5% THC

Dipped in Premium Hash Oil

Rolled in Fresh Kief


Get ready for a high that will launch you to the stars. Containing 48.5% THC, our Rockstar Moon Rocks will make your mind soar to outer space, then descend back to earth in a deeply relaxed state. Premium and potent, these Moon Rocks are not for the faint of heart.

At the core of these Moon Rocks are high-quality buds from the Rockstar strain, a hybrid that’s 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. It’s one of the most popular strains in the marijuana industry, thanks to its excellent relaxing effect. Enjoy its sweet, spicy and citrusy flavours and its earthy, skunky aroma.

Learn more about Rockstar and why it’s prized by marijuana connoisseurs everywhere.


The Rockstar High

Moon Rock users say the high starts in the head and gradually spreads throughout the body. Within half an hour, you feel a strong buzz. Rockstar’s Sativa component gives you a clear, euphoric feeling and loads of energy. You’ll feel relaxed, pain-free and, eventually, hungry.

Then, the Indica kicks in and makes you feel really sleepy. This effect lasts for a while, keeping you glued to the couch. We recommend cancelling the day’s plans if you’re testing this Rockstar. Just stay on your couch and chill.

Such a potent cannabis product isn’t recommended for first-timers. A newbie can try Rockstar Moon Rocks, of course, but prepare to get really stoned.


The Secret Behind the Buzz

What makes the Rockstar Moon Rock so potent? It’s made of three cannabis products that are powerful in their own right: the bud, hash oil and kief.

Our team dips a premium Rockstar flower in hash oil. Then, we roll it in premium kief, the fine powder left behind when we process mature buds. The kief contains terpenes that give the Moon Rock a strong flavour.


How to Enjoy Your Rockstar Moon Rocks

Steer clear of grinders. Running a Moon Rock through a grinder will make it so sticky, it’ll be useless. Plus, you’ll lose a lot of keif and hash oil, decreasing your Moon Rock’s potency.

You can use your hands to break the Moon Rocks into smaller clumps, but doing so can contaminate the product and affect its potency. Rolling papers isn’t advisable, either. The hash oil and the keif make it hard to light up the joint. You’ll waste much of the nug, and you won’t get the most of your Moon Rocks.

The best way to enjoy the rocks is to chop them up or tear them into small pieces using tweezers. Then, smoke them in a pipe or bong.

Want to try other flavours? WBUD’s Moon Rocks are available in lemon and orange flavour. Rockstar let you enjoy three cannabis products — bud, oil and kief — all at once. Three times the marijuana, three times the fun.

Email us at to order yours.

Directions for Use

Take note that using grinders or your hands can ruin your Moon Rocks. Get the most out of your Moon Rocks by tearing them into small pieces using tweezers or by chopping them up. Then, smoke them in a pipe or a bong. You can also roll them up into a joint or blunt. Don’t use paper to avoid wasting much of the nug. Make sure you don’t smoke on an empty stomach!

Choose your high – Moon Rocks are available in Rockstar, orange, lemon and sometimes other flavours. Email us at today.

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