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by XO Extracts


Made from Premium Bruce Banner

Nugged Run

Made With All Top Lab Graded Equipment

Purged at the Correct Temperature for 100+ Hours

Flavour: Minty, Citrus, Lime, Sweet.

Aroma: Minty, Citrus, Lime, Chocolate.


With its strong Indica characteristics and hints of lime candy, spice, and mint that spark chocolate and flavours of the earth when activated by heat, Key Lime Pie definitely deserves its time under the limelight.

Key Lime Pie is a sweet, tasty phenotype of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies strain. This Indica-dominant hybrid brings an instant relaxing effect, as it maintains a75/25 balance of Indica/Sativa characteristics.

Land on Cloud 9

WBUD’s Key Lime Pie shatter is known for its quick, insane head high accompanied by cerebral clarity. Everything becomes more vivid, and you will feel an intense sense of focus. While the high it gives can be high at the onset, a mellow, lucid high follows. You will soon feel relaxed and rather locked down— as if you’re melting into the couch.

For many Key Lime Pie lovers, deep reflection and heightened creativity are the common rewards that come with this strain.

This dessert-like strain is an excellent choice for relieving any stress, anxiety or depression related symptoms, including insomnia. Users also report the alleviation of chronic pain in the neck and lower back, arthritis, headaches and inflammation.

Because of its chocolatey scent, its mint candy-like taste, and smoky lime aftertaste, it may seem like the ideal strain for newbies. But don’t be fooled! The effect can be intense and may come off as overwhelming for some novice users. We recommend pacing yourself to achieve the result you desire.

WBUD’s Key Lime Pie is perfect for when you want to unwind on the porch, with company or alone. As it often results in a couch lock (and sometimes a hearty appetite), it’s a must to have a snack and thirst-quenching drink while you chill.

WBUD makes premium-quality shatter by extracting high levels of THC and low levels of CBD. When completed, this process sifts all the plant matter and leaves behind only purified resin.

Only master craftsmen with many years of experience with BC BUD make our shatter . Our products are pharmaceutical grade.

Email us at to shop premium-quality Key Lime Pie shatter today!

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