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Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (90% Sativa, 10% Indica)
Regular Strain

Don’t be fooled by its name; Green Crack is not crack. As the story goes, it was originally called Green Kush. However, one of the world’s most famous marijuana connoisseurs, Snoop Dogg, took to calling it Green Crack and the name has stuck ever since.

Green Crack is a sativa-dominant that was bred by inbreeding Skunk #1.

Green Crack is a strain of marijuana that generates a soaring mind buzz. Its Sativa component gives you a boost of energy that starts in the centre of your body and spreads to your brain. It will leave you uplifted, alert, focused and creative, ready for daytime activities. The high subsides smoothly, too.

Smoke Green Crack to relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder and decreased appetite. It also helps alleviate mental conditions, such as bipolar disorder and depression.

Enjoy its flavour, which is a nice mix of citrusy, fruity, piney and sweet. Its aroma is a pleasing combination of citrusy, mango, sweet and earthy.

Experience the happy high and relief that Green Crack provides. Email us at to order this premium strain.

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Green Crack Strain

Get a Potent Mental and Physical High that Will Leave You Focused Throughout the Day

Effects –Boosts mood and energy, leaves you energetic, relaxed, euphoric high, invigorates the mood

Relieves –high stress, anxiety disorders, migraine attacks, chronic fatigue, joint arthritis, headaches, may benefit people with depression

The Green Crack Strain, originally known as ‘Green Kush’ was named ‘Green Crack’ by none other than the Godfather of Cannabis, Snoop Dogg, and it has stuck ever since. The intense Sativa effects of this strain are its shining lights as it delivers an energetic and trippy high making it perfect for daytime use.

Green Crack has an average 16% THC content, which isn’t the strongest we have tried, but it’s enough to uplift your mood for hours. This cannabis strain is a cross between the legendary Skunk #1 and an isolated Afghani cut, which is what gives it that potent and psychoactive high that targets the mind and the body. The strain has euphoric and relaxing body effects that are great for users struggling to treat stress, depression, and fatigue.

Get a Cracking Start to Your Day

Users will note that the buds are coated with milky-white trichomes to the stem, and it has a familiar earthy, slightly citrusy, and sweet flavor and smell. However, the real beauty of Green Crack is in the strong and buzzy Sativa high it brings on.

The engaging effects of the strain make it ideal for daytime usage, but those keen on taking it in the evenings will also experience a great high.

What We Say:

Green Crack is a good choice for newbies trying out their first strain because when it hits the system, it’s likely to make the users inspired and energized rather than manic and strung out. The best time to use the strain is during the day, as it uplifts mood, energizes you, and reduces anxiety and depression.

All WBUD cannabis strains have received extremely favourable reviews from other marijuana sites in Canada and the US. Some have also received awards and been recognized by marijuana experts. WBUD strains are grown indoors in British Columbia, Canada; they’re true BC Buds.

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