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Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Super Killz

For a high as strong as a punch from a great ape. Gorilla Glue is an award-winning strain with an effect that comes on quick and hits you like a sledgehammer. With multiple Cannabis Cups under its belt, it’s definitely not for beginners.

Gorilla Glue is an indica dominant (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Chocolate Diesel X Sour Diesel strains.

The Sativa will kick in for the first two hours. You’ll fall into a euphoric, psychedelic state, but retain the ability to focus (for example, on movies and music). You might get the munchies, so prepare snacks and drinks.

After that, its Indica component will take effect and Gorilla-glue you to your couch. Its intense high helps you deal with stress, decreased appetite, depression and insomnia. It’s also excellent for pain management.

In a nutshell, Gorilla Glue makes you happy, uplifted and creative. Enjoy its unique, heavy and creamy taste and even stronger aroma — a powerful blend of earthy, pungent and piney. We recommend it for afternoon and nighttime use.

Beginners, beware. Gorilla Glue is part of the Super Killz, our collection of extremely potent strains that deliver distinctive highs. It’s more powerful than our Top Shelf strains, so it can easily overwhelm smokers who aren’t used to smoking strong pot.

Try the strain that will cement you to your couch. Email us at hello@wholesalebud.ca for premium Gorilla Glue.

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Gorilla Glue Strain

The Award-Winning Gorilla Glue Packs a Strong Punch!

Effects – Relaxation, increased appetite, sleepiness, happiness, laziness, sedation, prompts social interactions, giggles, body high, euphoric mood.

Relieves – pain, chronic pain, muscle spasms, stress, depression, insomnia, inflammation, nausea, and loss of appetite.

If you’ve been searching for a strain that offers you with a nice relaxing high but also packs a mean punch, the Gorilla Glue strain is just what you want. This strain is renowned for its effectiveness in treating pain and sleepiness.

The most highlighted property of this award-winning strain is the spectacular body buzz you get when you consume Gorilla Glue, along with its soothing head buzz. It has a nice, piney skunk taste, which hits strongly and may have you coughing if you’re not ready for it. That also depends on how big of a hit you take, but be warned the Gorilla Glue doesn’t hold back its punches.

The Cannabis Champion

The Gorilla Glue strain is not recommended for beginners and has won multiple Cannabis Cups for the best weed strain in Canada. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that will give you a warm and deep body buzz like a deep tissue massage and a head high. It’s the perfect strain for individuals who are socially awkward as it will not only relax and calm down in social settings but will also give you talking trips and giggles that will transform you into the life of the party.

That’s the reason why this strain is perfect for weed dates and social gatherings, as it doesn’t overpower you and gets you into a relaxed, happy, and euphoric state.

What We Say:

The Gorilla Glue strain not only uplifts you and makes you happy, but it gets the creative juices flowing as well, making it perfect for an afternoon or nighttime use. Buyers should be warned that Gorilla Glue is part of the Super Killz, which is our collection of extremely potent strains that offer a distinctive high. Step right up and place your order for the Gorilla Glue strain right here.

WBUD Super Killz Strains

All WBUD Super Killz strains are BC-grown and extremely powerful. They aren’t for inexperienced marijuana smokers, so use them with caution. WBUD strains are grown indoors in British Columbia, Canada; they’re true BC Buds.

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