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by XO Extracts
Sativa 60% /  Indica 40%

Girl Scout Cookies or GSC is known for providing a full-body relaxation and euphoric effect with just a small amount.  A winner of several Cannabis Cup awards. One of the go-to choices for medical patients seeking relief from pain, nausea and loss of appetite.

An excellent mix of Sativa and Indica marijuana, Girl Scout Cookies comes on strong out the gate with both an excellent cerebral effect and a pleasant mellow body numbing. It’s slightly psychedelic while enhancing the senses.

Food tastes better, hearing is enhanced and perception of time may slow down. A high level of euphoria is experienced, along with the desire to talk and socialize. Girl Scout Cookies is known to relieve depression, stress, intense pain and nausea. It may assist those with insomnia and low appetite.

The aroma is sweet and earthy; it will remind you of a box of mint cookies with a dose of skunkiness. It tastes like a mix of cherry, lemongrass, mint and skunk. Users can experience a smooth smoke and exhale with a lingering flavour as the effects start to kick in.


Premium Ingredients

The secret to Girl Scout Cookies Shatter potency lies in the way it is made. WBUD only sells shatter that’s made by master craftsmen who have many years of experience in cannabis production. We’re pretty pleased with this pharmaceutical-grade Girl Scout Cookies Shatter.

The experts at XO Extracts selected premium Girl Scout Cookies plants and purged them at the ideal temperature for more than a hundred hours. All plant material and impurities are removed, leaving an extremely potent resin behind.


Recommended Dosage and Usage

If this is your first time smoking shatter, use a very small bit and take only two to four puffs. This allows you to gauge how much Girl Scout Cookies shatter your body can handle.

There are many ways to enjoy your Girl Scout Cookies Shatter:

  • Vape
  • Water Bong
  • Healthstone
  • Twaxing a Joint
  • Hot Knives


GSC is always worth keeping on hand. Email us at to order.

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