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by XO Extracts
Sativa 100%

Try some shatter made from award-winning Durban Poison. One of our top selling Top Shelf strains, and winner of many Cannabis Cups. It was also voted the Best-Tasting Bud on Earth in 2016, according to the High Times Magazine. This pure Sativa strain gets its name as it originated in Durban, South Africa.

First-timers, beware. This is an extremely potent weed that connoisseurs call the marijuana espresso. It delivers an incredible shot of euphoria and puts a semi-permanent smile on your face. Prepare to laugh a lot. Have snacks on hand, too, because it might give you the munchies. Although it’s 100% Sativa, it can still put you to sleep of you’re not accustomed to weed. So don’t plan on going outside unless you’re used to smoking potent strains.

Durban Poison leaves you energetic, euphoric, uplifted and extremely focused. Users report that it helps alleviate stress, depression, ADD/ADHD, pain, arthritis and nausea. It’s excellent for daytime use.

Experience an interesting flavour and aroma that’s a combination of earthy, sweet, pine, floral and fruity. Durban Poison has one of the highest, if not the highest, concentration of terpenes in a tested cannabis strain, which is responsible for its robust flavours.


Premium Ingredients

The secret to Durban Poison Shatter potency lies in the way it’s made. WBUD only sells shatter that’s made by master craftsmen who have many years of experience in cannabis production. We’re pretty pleased with this pharmaceutical-grade Durban Poison Shatter.

The experts at XO Extracts selected premium Durban Poison plants and purged them at the ideal temperature for more than a hundred hours. All plant material and impurities are removed, leaving an extremely potent resin behind.


Recommended Dosage and Usage

If this is your first time smoking shatter, use a very small bit and take only two to four puffs. This allows you to gauge how much Durban Poison shatter your body can handle.

There are many ways to enjoy your Durban Poison Shatter:

  • Vape
  • Water Bong
  • Healthstone
  • Twaxing a Joint
  • Hot Knives


Wake up with lots of energy from the so-called marijuana espresso. Email us at to order.

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