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Black Diamond Shatter

By Coast Concentrates

Indica 100%

Nug run, Made with high-grade lab equipment

Purged at the correct temperature for 100+ hours

The Black Diamond strain has been extremely popular due to its power, appearance and abundance of trichomes. A narcotic high slides you down into a soothing, smooth experience that evaporates pain and tension.  It won a Cannabis Cup in 2012 for both quality and flavour.

This strain is definitely psychoactive. In shatter form Black Diamond deserves even more respect for its power and effects. You may experience tingles in your head and neck. The high comes on quickly launching you into a euphoric state but is relaxing at the same time. The tingling will progress through your body as you continue to relax. Pain is a distant memory at this point.

It has a wonderful Woody, Pungent, Earthy smell.

And you may experience the munchy urge also. Food tastes great on Black Diamond.

Besides pain management – depression, PTSD, stress, inflammation, migraines & menstrual cramps are also alleviated.

Effects: Body High, Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy

May ease: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Inflammation, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Mood Disorders

Our Product:

  • Pharmaceutical-grade, potent shatter
  • Immediate relief
  • Free of plant matter, pesticides and other impurities
  • A little dab goes a long way

Dab usage:

  • Water bong: Apply the dab to the nail, fill water pipe with enough water, set the temperature between 500 to 700 degrees F. Take caution, don’t overheat. Take a hit through the mouthpiece. Note that the cannabinoids in your shatter are highly concentrated, which means a small amount of dab can have a strong, long-lasting effect.
  • Vape: Disconnect the atomizer from your vape’s battery. Connect the mouthpiece, apply dab and take a hit. Pull slowly so you don’t overheat the dab.
  • Healthstone: Insert a healthstone into your bowl, apply a small dab of shatter on top, and apply heat with a torch or heat gun to achieve combustion. Then, puff on it as you would a joint or cigarette.
  • Other methods: Twaxing with a joint; hot knives.

Recommendations: Shatter is highly potent, so take it in moderation. Take two to four puffs first and gauge its effects. If you don’t feel anything after 45 minutes, take two more hits.

Our shatter is pharmaceutical grade, and made by experienced master craftsmen. Shop at WBUD today.

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