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WBUD’s Super Killz features a premium collection of buds for the marijuana connoisseur. We have some of the best strains on the market that exceed the standards of our top-shelf collection. From our Gorilla Glue to our popular and rare Dank Schrader, you’ll experience why our Super Killz collection features some of the best, most expensive, and rarest strains.

Highly Rated Buds

This collection is definitely not for beginners. Its extreme potency can leave its users in a euphoric state that lasts for hours. These are all highly-rated by fellow users, and just a little of our product is enough to go a long way.

Get the highest-quality bud on the market today. is one of the largest providers of marijuana products online and ships them right to your door, so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

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