Send your body into a strong, euphoric state with our Outdoor and Greenhouse Strains. These plants are just as potent and flavourful as their indoor counterparts. Cultivated by master growers, these strains were nourished by natural light and fertile soil, producing plentiful buds that pack powerful cannabinoids.

Myth: Outdoor Plants Aren’t Potent

For decades, people functioned under the impression that outdoor strains couldn’t produce top-shelf cannabis. The truth, however, is that quality wasn’t much of a priority back then because growers had to operate discretely. They were forced to choose hidden, albeit sub-optimal, planting areas. They had to harvest, cure and ship in a hurry to avoid discovery.

Today, however, laws allow for the cultivation of cannabis, so growers are free to choose the most fertile environments. They can take their time harvesting, curing, packaging and shipping. The result? Extremely potent and flavourful cannabis buds.

Let our premium selection dispel the misconceptions surrounding outdoor strains. Order yours today and prepare to get really stoned.

Why Choose Outdoor Plants?

Our outdoor and greenhouse strains are:

  • Cultivated by Master Growers – You’ll get strains grown by the same folks who cultivated the Super Killz, our most expensive and rarest cannabis range. They’ve mastered the skill of growing marijuana, and they’re sure to bring that same expertise to outdoor strains.
  • Grown in a Fertile and Healthy Environment – Growing cannabis outdoors has its perks. The plants synthesize the full spectrum of the sun’s rays, allowing for more vigorous crops. They have access to natural breezes and insects that help control mites.
  • Extremely Potent – Outdoors, these strains are exposed to full sunlight and natural, rich soil. These allow them to reach their full potential — height, bud formation and cannabinoid content. In other words, nothing is stopping outdoor strains from developing their potency.
  • Just as Flavourful as Indoor Plants – Outdoor plants develop unique flavour profiles that can’t be achieved by plants in a climate-controlled space. Subtle differences in soil makeup, elevation of the planting area, climate and other natural elements provide the nuances that create a different taste, smell and psychoactive experience altogether.
  • More Affordable – Sunlight is free, so is humidity and the nutrients in the soil. Growers don’t have to worry about electricity bills racked up by maintaining an artificial environment. They can pass these savings to you. In fact, the price tags on our outdoor strains are so low, they don’t meet the threshold for freebies and reward points!

The Effects

Our outdoor strains deliver a cerebral, creative and euphoric head stone. Then it sinks into a tranquil and mellow body stone. Some outdoor strains are suitable for both day and nighttime use.

Try the taste of plants nurtured by Mother Nature. Email us at to order our outdoor strains.

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