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WBUD works only with premiere local growers in Canada because we want you to receive the finest weed. Not only are our suppliers the best in the country, but we also implement stringent quality control. Whether you need marijuana for recreational and medicinal use or for your dispensary, we have top quality products.

And we consistently update our selection, from Super Killz strain rarities like Amsterdam’s Amnesia Haze to popular concentrates like ATF.

Weed at Friendly Prices and Prized by Connoisseurs

Our newest selections include moon rocks in orange and lemon flavours, shatters in different varieties, distillates and hash.

You may also opt for our hybrid strains that contain a mix of sativa and indica genetics. Our offerings include Blissful Wizard, Pink Starburst and Blueberry Headband Shatter.

Choose from an array of strains, all made from 100 percent pesticide-free and organic marijuana. We offer wholesale pricing and provide fast delivery.

Buy premium marijuana online or email us today for further information.