Due to our continually increasing buying power, with great thanks to all of our amazing shatter customers, we're now able to offer shatter for only $39/gram (down from $45)!

Buy Premium Bulk Shatter Online in Canada

WBUD is a trusted source of wholesale shatter in Canada. We offer only premium shatter made by master craftsmen, providing enhanced potency in precise doses. Place your order and have the glassy, crystalline cannabis concentrate delivered safely and discreetly at your doorstep.

What Makes Shatter Different?

Shatter, or butane hash oil (BHO) has a glass-like and translucent appearance and is stronger than traditional weed. It has a high concentration of THC, the chemical compound in cannabis responsible for a euphoric high. Of all concentrated extracts, shatter has the highest terpene content, an organic compound that enhances and lengthens the high from cannabis. This makes it one of the most popular weed concentrates among medical and recreational users.

The marijuana concentrate gets it amber, glass-like appearance from the molecules that have not been touched during the extraction process. The raw material is processed through solvent extraction, typically with butane. Unlike other concentrates, shatter goes through further filtration to remove the fats and waxes. The result is a clean, pure and potent shatter.

Clean, Pure and Potent

The purity of shatter depends on the quality of the filtration process as the plant is purged and dewaxed. How well it comes out also relies on the quality of the raw plant material used. To ensure that our customers are getting the best form of shatter, we work closely with our suppliers.

There are plenty of concentrates to choose from at They come in various doses, strengths, flavours and aromas. We have pharmaceutical-grade Indica and Sativa shatters, as well as hybrid concentrates to suit varying preferences.

Why Shop at WBUD?

Our shatter is made by craftsmen with extensive experience in BC bud, and we use only 100 percent pesticide-free, organic marijuana from local growers. Our expertly-refined extracts produce a clean flavour and intense, lasting potency.

Your privacy, convenience and satisfaction are our priorities. This is why we’ve made your buying process fast and simple. From the privacy and comfort of your home or dispensary, you can order bulk shatter from anywhere in Canada.  We don’t require medical cards, just an ID that proves you’re over 19. You’ll receive your order in discreet packaging within 2 to 5 days after payment.

Whether you need to buy shatter wholesale or retail, we give you only the finest weed at the best prices.

Order today or email us to learn more about our BC shatter.

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