Moon Rocks


Moon Rocks give you a high that takes you all the way to outer space. At around 50% THC, they’re some of the most potent cannabis products currently in the market. In fact, they’re considered the caviar of weed — premium, powerful and worth every penny.

The Weed Caviar

Moon Rocks are prized by cannabis connoisseurs because they’re made of three potent components: cannabis, hash oil, and kief. The process starts with dipping a cannabis bud in hash oil. Then, it’s covered in premium kief, a fine powder left from bud processing.

When you smoke Moon Rocks, prepare to blast off. The high starts in your head and spreads slowly throughout your body. Within 30 minutes, you feel like you’ve taken a spacecraft headed to the moon. The high is so strong that it leaves even the most experienced smokers on a trip. It can also relieve migraines and pain.

Expect big clouds of smoke and a delicious, rich taste. WBUD offers varieties with sweet and fruity flavours, such as lemon and orange. The high lasts for quite a while. When you smoke Moon Rocks, make sure your plans are just to sit and chill for the foreseeable future.

Because of its potency, Moon Rocks are probably not the best choice for people who are new to smoking weed. Of course, newbies can try, but they’ll have to be ready for an extreme high.

Directions for Use

To get the most out of your Moon Rocks, chop them up or tear them into small pieces with tweezers. Don’t use grinders or your hands as it ruins the product. Afterwards, smoke them in glassware or a bong. Make sure you don’t smoke on an empty stomach.

You can also roll them up with ground weed into a joint or blunt, but you risk wasting much of the nugget. Moon Rocks don’t stay lit because of the kief and hash oil.

Get ready to leave for outer space. Email us at today to shop premium Moon Rocks.

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