The increase in popularity and demand for concentrates has led to the rise of more refined marijuana extraction methods in recent years. This includes hash oil concentrates — as compressed resin glands, they make it easier for users to consume more THC at once. Hash is perfect for smokers who want to experience the aromatic diversity of marijuana.

Our selection includes Afghani hash and Bubba Kush hash products. With sweet flavours and subtle notes of coffee and chocolate, our strains delight the palate and are deeply relaxing to smoke.

One of the Earliest Types of Marijuana Concentrates

During the 12th century, smoking hashish was a common practice in the Middle East. The term “hashish” is Arabic for grass. Hashish is created by sieving marijuana flowers from a screen then processing the byproduct with heat and pressure.

While hash oil concentrates are not as potent as other cannabis concentrates, it’s still a staple around the world because of its clean and all-natural extraction process.

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