Cannabis Distillates

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Introducing the cannabis distillates — the future of cannabis concentrates. Boasting unparalleled purity, these viscous oils are extremely potent and clean. In fact, they carry the nickname "The Pure" because they’re refined at a molecular level. They have a potency of nearly 99%, compared to an average flower’s 15%-25% THC content.

If you thought shatter and wax were potent, wait 'til you try these out!

Uncontaminated and Solvent-Free

The secret behind a distillate's purity is the method of extraction.

Our distillates start from premium cannabis plants, which contain hundreds of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These compounds interact with each other, as well as your endocannabinoid system, to give you a unique high. Our manufacturers separate these compounds from the vegetative material to give you maximum potency.

Through distillation, high-intensity heat vapourizes the cannabinoids. The vapours travel through distillation cooling systems, which return them to their liquid state, free from impurities, chlorophyll and plant matter. The result is a clean, concentrated liquid that’s completely solvent-free. And very potent.

Because cannabinoids have varying boiling points, our manufacturers can extract specific types of cannabinoids and turn them to a pure liquid distillate.

Our Clear, Pure Distillates

The applications of our cannabis distillates are nearly limitless. Because our manufactures have broken the cannabinoids down into individual distillates, we were able to combine them with distillates from other compounds with extreme precision.

As a result, our selection contains a wide variety of distillates, from Honey Tears with less than 1% THC to Wizard Punch with up to 99% THC.

Moreover, the distillates have little to no taste or aroma, that’s why we were able to add popular flavours that would make for an over-the-top cannabis experience.

Using Cannabis Distillates

There are many ways to enjoy your cannabis distillate:

  • Oral – Add it to your favourite food or put a few drops on your drink. The distillate then passes through your digestive system and enters your bloodstream.
  • Sublingual – Put a few drops of the distillate under your tongue and hold it there for at least a minute. Unlike the oral method, this bypasses the digestive system because the mucus membrane in the mouth absorbs the active compounds and sends them straight to the bloodstream.
  • Vaping – Load your vapourizer with one or two drops of distillate. During vapourization, the active components enter your bloodstream via your lungs. Vapes with ceramic coils are better, as metal ones tend to alter the flavour.
  • Dabbing – Drop a dose of the distillate onto the heated water pipe attachment and inhale. This works best if the nail is made of quartz, titanium or ceramic.
  • Joint – Put a few drops on your rolled joint or blunt and smoke. Like vaping, the active components enter your bloodstream through your lungs.

Cannabis Distillate Canada

Get on the Bandwagon and Try the New Way to Consume Cannabis

If you’re not a regular marijuana smoker or cannabis user, you can be forgiven for not knowing what Cannabis distillate is. Also known as THC distillate, it’s essentially a concentrated substance that has purity levels of an astonishing 92% THC. It is now the most innovative way to consume cannabis in Canada with soaring demand among cannabis enthusiasts to buy bulk distillate in Canada.

Cannabis distillates in Canada are the current trend and they have even removed most of the negative stigma surrounding cannabis use. It is widely-accepted as the future of cannabis concentrates and the viscous oil in them is extremely clean and potent. If you thought that wax and shatter were potent, think again because there is a new sheriff in town and it goes by the name of Cannabis distillates.

Get High in the Cleanest and Purest Way

Pure cannabis distillate in Canada is in demand as it offers users 100% concentrated THC cannabinoid in an extremely convenient manner. There are tons of different flavors and blends available with varying levels of THC potency for users to choose from. The best part about cannabis distillates is that the distillates themselves don’t have any aroma or taste and the flavors are added by the manufacturers.

You can consume cannabis distillate in any number of ways you want, where it is orally, vaping, dabbing, by adding them to your joints, or sublingually. At in Canada, we only carry the best cannabis distillate across Canada and source our products from the best THC extract companies in the country. Our distillates undergo a comprehensive distillation process to ensure we get the most potent and powerful cannabis distillates.

Come check out our complete range of Cannabis distillate in Canada and our special offers to buy bulk distillate in Canada right here.

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