BT Pens THC Blueberry

Vaporizers, Vape Pens, and Dab Rigs: Know the Differences

Of the many ways to consume cannabis, there’s no denying that smoking it is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to do so. People have been smoking marijuana since 500 BC, but recent technology has made it possible for them to consume weed through vaping. One of the biggest differences between smoking and vaping is the stronger [...]

Alaskan Thunderfuck

Deep-Dive Into Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a legendary, potent and powerful sativa-dominant strain. Its origins are cloaked in mystery; according to cannabis lore, it started in Russia, where the ruderalis plant was produced. The plant found its way to Northern California, where the ruderalis was bred with an unnamed Northern California sativa. Then, the strain travelled to its eventual birthplace, the [...]

Kootenay Skunk

The Other AK-47: A Deep Dive

The term “AK-47” may remind you of a popular combat rifle from the 1950s. Although the rifle remains popular until today because of its reliability, another AK-47 is making a mark in the market. The AK-47 cannabis strain, created in 1992, has bagged several Cannabis Cup awards globally for its incredible tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. A Closer Look at the AK-47 [...]

Cannabis leaves

On Dabbing and Concentrates: It’s All About the THC Level

On Dabbing and Concentrates: It’s All About the THC Level The legalization of marijuana, whether for recreational or medicinal use, is spreading across the world – and it’s about time, right? Given this progressiveness, the development of various cannabis products can be quite surprising, especially for old school smokers. So, before you decide to shun dabbing and concentrates, read on [...]


Marijuana in Pop Culture: A Key to Destigmatizing Weed in Society

Cannabis is one of the most controversial and polarizing issues worldwide. Some vilify weed with a clenched fist, some are relaxed about it, while the other end of the spectrum venerates it as a cure for all ills.Over the years, legislative battles have been fought over its legalization. There have been a few wins, but in most countries, possession [...]


CBD Topicals Might Just Be What Your Body Needs

Are eating and smoking the only ways to reap the medical benefits of marijuana? No.Granted, it’s a common notion that medical marijuana can only be consumed by eating edible CBD drops or smoking from a bong. You, however, don’t need to buy wholesale shatter or stock up on CBD oils for your breakfast omelette to find relief from your [...]

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Hollywood Shows Us that Weed Isn’t Detrimental to Success

For a long time, there’s been a stigma associated with marijuana use: if you admit to consuming the “devil’s lettuce,” your reputation is on the line. The common misconception is, if one consumes a small amount of marijuana, it’s just a waiting game until you’re plopped on the couch on a semi-comatose state, binge-watching internet shows.In fact, falling into [...]

Green Crack Plant

A Deep Dive Into Bubba Kush

Here at WBUD, we carry a ton of strains for you to choose from. Whether it’s an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, as an online dispensary in BC, we’ve got you covered. Among these many choices, one strain that remains popular up to this day is Bubba Kush (Bk).As a hundred percent Indica, the most noticeable effect of Bubba Kush [...]